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I'SOT and the 'MOVE'

      I'SOT and "the MOVE" have been inextricably connected  and in an incestual relationship since the first time Marie Tolbert (White) first traveled to one of their "Conventions" during the late 1960's. Unable to attract new members in enough quantity on the merits of "HER" ministry, I'SOT and the MOVE exchanged members from that time on.
     Even from those early years, it was evident that there were horrible abuses being inflicted upon the members on MOVE "farms".
     It is not surprising, given the obfuscations and denials from the I'SOT Elders, that the MOVE Elders have reacted the same to accusations of mental, physical, sexual and fiscal abuse as evidenced by testimony of witnesses and victims on the Sam Fife Yahoo group and the Letter to the Father Ministry

According to "MOVE" historians;


These tapes were used by the  Tulane University Psychiatric Clinic; New Orleans to teach students about Demon possession.

Jane Part 2
Jane Part 3
Jane Part 4
Jane Part 5
Jane Part 6