Modoc County Record† Sept. 13, 1990

IíSOT loses child placement††† license

Group Will Not Appeal Ruling

Members of the IíSOT community in Canby learned Sept. 6 the state has denied renewa1 of a license to operate a group home. Over the weekend the IíSOT board of directors decided not to appeal the decision, ending seven years of operation.


ďI left a heavy message on them at 2 oíclock in the after≠noon (Thursday), ~ said Earl Nance, Chico district manager for Community Care Licensing, State Department of So≠cial Services.

Nance, who headed up a state investigation concerning practices at IíSOT, said he in≠formed IíSOT Director Joseph Tolbert Thursday of the stateís decision. Formal notification of the decision arrived at IíSOT Sept. 7.

Nance said IíSOTís license to operate the group home ex≠pired June 28, and the IíSOT community was aware of the stateís investigation.

Citing IíSOTís right to ap≠peal the decision within 15 days of notification, and pend≠ing any legal action, Nance said he was not at liberty to discuss specific findings in the investigation that had been go≠ing on for a number of weeks.

Nance did state that the investigation concerned a num≠ber of complaints about prac≠tices within the IíSOT group home. He said he has had continuing dialogs with IíSOT

County†† schools

hopes† to†† appeal

state†† revocation

Members of the Modoc County Board of Education are not content with the stateís denial to renew licensing to the IíSOT group home. Members approved a plan to seek support to reverse the stateís decision.


In a special evening meeting Sept. 11, members agreed to enlist the support of county supervisors, the three school districts and legislators in reversing the stateís decision not to renew the programís license that expired in late June.

ďItís a shock and itís a great loss to us financially,Ē said David Lanigan, county superintendent of schools, following the Tuesday meeting. With the schoolís closure, the county office of education stands to lose $309,000 in revenues. It means the end of the officeís involvement in the countyís courtschool operation.


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