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 A New “I’SOT” Investigation Brewing?

Shasta County, CA 

July 24, 2004

A stunning development involving the possibility of a NEW INVESTIGATION into abuses of “placements” by I’SOT personnel at Warner Mountain Group Home amid their continued denials of any wrong-doing.

It seems that for the second time this year, the Shasta County Mental Health Department  has acquired a client with serious mental-health issues to the point of being suicidal.

Those two “clients” have extensive history at the Warner Mountain Group Home and  their “problems” can be traced back to the abuse they endured while living there.


Councilors at the Shasta County Mental Health Department conducted a “web-search” on July 16th 2004, using the “ DogPile” Search Engine with these internet keywords: “ ward of state of california sent to isot canby california “ and were linked to Ed Abdallah’s page: “ A Call to Accountability” on this web site.

They then used the information provided on another page and contacted one of our other contributors.


Similarly, several other ex-members, friends we have not heard from in many years including many former placements to the Warner Mountain Group Home have been re-united with us much in the same manner.


One of the goals of this web site has been to provide information to the public, warning them of the dangers associated with sending any loved-one to I’SOT, and hopefully preventing just one person the pain and horror of  the “I’SOT Experience”.


If we can save just one person, it was all worth it, wasn’t it?


Michael Hankins
I’SOT Survivor 1970-1976
Creator of the
I’SOTSurvivor’s © 2003-2007 web site



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