Theresa Ethel Mann Abdallah Young, former wife of Ed Abdallah, mother to Joshua and Bahia and the daughter of Marie Tolbert has after 21 years, chosen to return to ISOT. She was picked up by EMpTy and Larry Mann and driven back to Canby for the first time since 1983.

She went back to "reconnect to her literal family" and attempt to "resolve some personal issues."

Theresa has a truly unique position in that she is a born-in cult survivor, whose mother is also the cult leader. She has by any measure an extremely complex and difficult family background.

You don't return to those who served abuse to you and ask them to make you well again. All they have is more poison.

This of course, will be considered a coupe for EMT. A former member returning is a victory. Her own literal daughter coming home is an enormous triumph for Marie's self image.

The fatted calf will most certainly be prepared for the "Feast of the Prodigal Son."........And there will be dancing in the streets.

In RELATED News: Marie Tolbert sent this email to

Dear Praying Family;
This is a letter of thanksgiving for your prayers on behalf of my family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you who have prayed with me over the last 15 years for my daughters Joyce and Theresa.
Larry and I brought Theresa home to be with her family yesterday. She has planned this for two years but never seemed to make it...Each time she said she was coming we prayed it would be God's timing.... We feel that this is the time, but it will not be easy to leave everything and everyone behind.
Theresa left our family over 20 years ago with her husband Ed Abdallah. Their marriage did not survive, Ed is still hostile towards the I'sot Family because of the loss of His family. He has spent 20 years years bitter and hostile watching his own family deteriate, He has been through three marriages that did not survive his obsession to destroy I'sot and many of its members in particular.
Ed has joined with a handful of others who were part of our family at one time including another daughter, Joyce and Her husband Michael who believe we are a dangerous cult and need to be destroyed.
Theresa and Joyce have three sisters, Darla, Virginia and Ruth and two brothers Larry and Ron who are still a part of this family, including their spouses, Raymond, Ron H. Edward, Linda and Christina.
There are many former friends, nieces and nephews and their families still here. Much forgivness is needed on both sides for this whole family of close to 200 people to be able to accept her return. I believe God always give us an oppertunity to live what we preach if our hearts are sincere.
So, please keep Theresa, Joyce and Michael and Ed and their children all in your prayers and remember all of the I;sot members that we might be able to praactice what we preach, That we might be ministers of reconciliation, with God first and others second.
We know if we love God and His Son Jesus Christ, we will love our brothers and sisters equal with ourselves, We also know and must practice forgivness every day or we will not be forgiven our tresspasses against God.
I thank God for a daughter returned to the arms of the Lord and her family and I thank God for your prayers on our behalf.

Marie Tolbert

This inaccurate email from Marie Tolbert brought about two separate; although similar responses, one from Ed Abdallah to set the record straight, and the other, this Posting on the "Move's" own web site, which reads:

Dear brethren:
Since we all at IMA e-mail had already witnessed (without our consent) this bickering between the elders at I'SOT and some of their (current or former) members, could someone from the Traveling or Father Ministry please set the record straight as to what is really going on?

Probably those in Care and Teaching could provide more insight into some of the issues raised by this and the previous e-mails.

Thank you, and bless you all.

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