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A real tragedy for our fellow cult-survivors, the "Children of the Children of God" (David "Mo" Berg, 'The Family') ex-cult members who have a wonderful and powerful website known as Moving On - Children of the Children of God.

The leader of The Family was "Big Mo" Berg, a self-styled prophet who created his "free-love" styled Christian cult during the early 1960's. They had well over 10,000 members at one time, and still have an estimated 8,000; 1/2 of them children ~ more if you count associate and part- time members. Mo Berg openly exhorted the members to have lots of sex with every conceivable friend, children included. It is reported that the "Doctrine" of having sex with children (under 18) was discouraged sometime in the early 1980's. Although, there is evidence that the "sexualization" of children continues...(See the Davidito link below)

Well, after "Mo" died some years ago, his common-law wife "Maria" (aka Karen Zerby) and her new husband Peter, were designated as the new prophets and officially declared the King and Queen .

Maria had a son, Ricky, also known as Davidito, who was clearly designated to be the third wave, the heir apparent. Ricky was sexually and emotionally abused the way we all know so well, held up as the "good child" while also being subjected to every guilt-inducing and terrorizing tactic that a good cult prophet can conceive of, and he finally left a few years ago at about 25 years of age.

Ricky "Davidito" RodreguezAngela Smith

The horror continues...

Yesterday, Ricky met up with one of his primary abusers, Angela Smith, still in 'The Family', and they had a 'talk'. Ricky stabbed and killed his abuser, then went into the desert and blew his own head off.

What a waste. What a tragedy. She got what she deserved. He didn't deserve what he got...


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