For years, I'SOT has held annual "Conventions" during the Labor Day Weekend and hosted many guests from "The Move" and other bodies.

Regular readers of this web site might remember the series of emails sent back and forth earlier this year, between members of The Move and contributors of this web site, wherein; members of The Move were warned about the potential of serious abuses being inflicted upon their members, including SEXUAL ABUSE.

This year, it has been reported that there were only four outside visitors to the "Convention", with only two of them being from the MOVE (or other BODIES).

We would like to think that the reason for the apparent drop in participation was due in part to OUR EFFORTS, it is somewhat possible that is could be at least partly due to the recent increase in the cost of fuel.

But all "GOOD CHRISTIANS" believe that GOD WILL PROVIDE in times of need.....

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